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What’s The Cost Of Installing A Steam Shower: Exploring the Costs in 2023

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy a good steam shower. They’re relaxing, invigorating, and (most of all) incredibly refreshing. But if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have one at home. That might change soon though, thanks to the increasing popularity of steam showers. If you’re thinking about installing one, or if you already have one but just haven’t taken the time to figure out how to use it to its full potential, this guide will help. We’ll cover everything from purchasing a steam shower to figuring out the best ways to use it. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to enjoy your own steam shower like a pro.

What to consider when installing a steam shower

Steam showers can be a great way to relax after a long day. There are many factors to consider when installing a steam shower, such as the size and type of shower head, installation location, and cost.

Size and type of shower head:

The size and type of shower head is one of the most important factors to consider when installing a steam shower. A standard showerhead measures 4-6″ in diameter and provides a nice stream of water. If you want to enjoy more steaming conditions, choose a larger showerhead that measures 8-12″ in diameter. Large shower heads provide more coverage area which helps distribute the hot water more evenly over your body.

Installation location:

Steam showers should be installed in an area that is dry and free from obstructions. The bathroom or bedroom should be the preferred installation location because they’re typically close to where people will use the steam shower. However, if you have limited space or prefer not to disturb your surrounding environment, a steam room may also be a good option.

The different types of steam showers

The different types of steam showers vary in price and features. Here is a breakdown of the most popular types:

Cylindrical Steam Showers

These showers are made up of a cylindrical metal tank with multiple showerheads that eject water at high pressure. They’re often used in commercial settings because they provide a high-quality shower experience. They can be expensive to install, but they’re usually very efficient and last long.

Radiant Heat Steam Showers

These showers use radiators to heat the water before it goes into the showerheads. This type of shower is popular because it’s more energy-efficient than other types and it provides a more relaxing experience. They can be expensive to install, but they’re usually worth it because they last longer and are easier to maintain.

The cost of installing a steam shower

Steam showers are a popular choice for individuals who want to take their spa experience up a notch. The cost of installing a steam shower can vary depending on the type of shower, the brand, and the features desired. If a basic steam shower is desired, the costs could range from around $300-$1,000. More extravagant steam showers with all sorts of features may cost upwards of $2,500.

A steam shower typically requires an electrician to install it because they require a circuit that is not normally found in most homes. Additionally, there may be other fees associated with installing a steam shower such as permits or plumbing upgrades necessary for the installation.


Installing a steam shower can be quite an investment, but it can also be quite a money-saving endeavor. A steam shower can save you both time and money by eliminating the need for baths or showers. Additionally, installing a steam shower can add value to your home by providing you with luxurious amenities that you may not have access to otherwise. So before you make any decisions about whether or not to install a steam shower in your home, consult with an experienced contractor to ensure that the project is financially feasible for you.

Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen

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