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Thermasol Steam Shower Installation: A Step-by-Step Guide for 2023 

Thermasol steam showers are a popular choice for those who want to enjoy a relaxing shower without having to worry about hot water running out or the need to wait for it to heat up. In fact, many Thermasol showers are now equipped with digital controllers that allow you to customize your shower experience to your exact liking. If you’re considering installing a Thermasol steam shower, read on for tips on how to get the most out of your new shower technology. From prepping the space to choosing the perfect showerhead, there’s plenty of information here that will help you get the most out of your new shower.

What is a Thermasol Steam Shower?

Thermasol Steam Shower Installation is a popular choice for many homeowners. It’s a great way to save energy and money on your utility bills, and it’s also great for your health. Thermasol Steam Showers are perfect for large families or groups because they can be used simultaneously.

The shower head is an insulated unit that uses steam to heat up the water before it comes out. The heated water will help you stay warm while you bathe, and it also minimizes the time that you spend in the shower. You can also use Thermasol Steam Showers if you have cold hands and feet, because they will heat up the water quickly so that it reaches your body temperature quickly.

How Does a Thermasol Steam Shower Work?

Thermasol Steam Shower installation is a quick, easy and affordable way to heat up your shower. The system uses a small boiler to produce steam that heats up water in the tank. This hot water then flows through the shower head and warms you up quickly and comfortably.

Benefits of a Thermasol Steam Shower

Thermasol steam showers offer a number of benefits that can make them an appealing choice for homeowners. These showers use hot water heated by steam to create a soothing and invigorating experience. They are also very energy efficient, meaning they use minimal water and electricity. Additionally, Thermasol steam showers are environmentally friendly, as they require no chemicals or water treatment devices to operate.

Installation of a Thermasol Steam Shower

Thermasol steam showers are a great option for those looking to enjoy a luxurious shower experience without spending a lot of money. The SHOWER-BOX installs quickly and easily, giving you the added convenience of never having to leave your bathroom. All you need is an existing water supply line and drainage system.

The Thermasol steam shower consists of two main components: the SHOWER-BOX and the HOSE-BOX. The SHOWER-BOX is installed on the wall above your existing shower head. The HOSE-BOX attaches below the SHOWER-BOX, and connects directly to your water supply line. This allows you to use any type of shower head with the Thermasol steam shower!

When it comes to cleaning, all you need to do is remove the cover on the HOSE-BOX, and hose down both the SHOWER-BOX and HOSE-BOX. Make sure to take care not to get any water inside the SHOWER-BOX or HOSE-BOX, as this could damage them. For regular maintenance, simply rinse off both pieces with warm water and soap once a month.


If you’re looking to install a steam shower,Thermasol has everything you need to get the job done. With our easy-to-use instructions and all of the necessary materials on site, getting set up is a breeze. Plus, we offer a variety of financing options that make it easy for you to purchase your Thermasol steam shower without taking out a loan. Talk to one of our team members today and see how we can help you take advantage of all the benefits that come with owning a Thermasol steam shower!

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Samantha Allen

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