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Thermasol Steam Shower How To Use: A Step-by-Step Guide for 2023

Thermasol steam showers are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They offer a unique and invigorating experience that is hard to beat. If you’re thinking of purchasing one for yourself, or upgrading your current shower system, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about thermasol steam showers. From installation tips to using the shower itself, read on to learn everything you need to get started.

What is Thermasol?

Thermasol steam shower is a convenient and economical way to heat up water while taking a shower. The thermasol quickly heats up water in the shower and produces very hot mist which reaches temperatures of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. With this technology, you will get steaming hot water without having to wait for the full pot of hot water to heat up. Additionally, because there is no need for an electrical outlet, this shower is perfect for anyone who wants an environmentally friendly option.

How Does Thermasol Work?

Thermasol steam shower heat up water instantly, making it more comfortable to take a shower. It also helps to kill bacteria and keep the shower area clean. All you need is Thermasol, water, and a shower head.

1) Fill a sink with hot water and add Thermasol.
2) Turn on the showerhead and wait for the water to start heating up.
3) Get in the shower and wait for the water to reach your desired temperature.
4) Turn off the showerhead and stay in until the Thermasol is cooled down.

Benefits of Using a Thermasol Steam Shower

A thermosol steam shower is a great way to get a complete body massage without having to leave your home. The thermosol steam shower heats up the water in the shower and releases it through the nozzle as hot mist. This mist then travels through the hose to the showerhead where it creates a hot spray of water. This brings relief to tight muscles and can also be used for relaxation.

How to Use a Thermasol Steam Shower

Thermasol Steam Shower How To Use

A thermasol steam shower is a great way to relieve tension and fatigue. The hot water and steam combine to create an invigorating experience. Here are instructions on how to use a thermasol steam shower:

1. Turn on the hot water at the faucet.
2. Fill a bathtub or sink with about 2 inches of warm water. Add enough Thermasol for the desired temperature (either 30 or 50 degrees). If using a 30-degree shower, add 1 capful; if using a 50-degree shower, add 2 capfuls of Thermasol.
3. Remove your clothes and get into the bathtub or sink. Lean back and let the hot water and steam wash over you. Be sure to massage your scalp with the shampoo cap before getting out of the shower!
4. Pat yourself dry with a towel and enjoy your relaxing bath time experience!

Tips for Making the Most of Your Thermasol Steam Shower

There are a few tricks to make the most of your Thermasol steam shower:

1. Make sure the water is hot before entering the shower. The hotter the water, the more effective the steam will be.

2. Rinse off completely before getting in. The heat will help open up your pores and remove any residue from the day.

3. Choose a good location for your Thermasol steam shower. It’s important to place it in an area with good circulation, so you don’t get too hot or cold.

4. Be prepared to wet yourself frequently! The steam will cause perspiration to flow, so be prepared to take frequent breaks from the shower to sip on water or pour on some body lotion if you start feeling too warm.

Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen

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