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Thermasol Steam Shower How To Turn On: A Step-by-Step Guide for 2023

Showers. We all take them for granted, but they play an important role in our lives. Whether we’re taking a quick shower before work or leisurely soaking in the tub after a long day, showers are essential. But what if you could take your showers in a way that was more environmentally friendly? What if you didn’t have to turn on the water heater every time you wanted to bathe? Thanks to thermosol steam showers, you can! Thermasol steam showers use water heated by steam instead of gas or electric heat. This means you can save energy and money on your energy bill, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If you’re interested in learning how to turn on a thermosol steam shower, read on for instructions.

How to turn on the Thermasol Steam Shower

If you’ve never used a Thermasol Steam Shower, there are a few things you need to know before getting started. First, the shower head is located on the right side of the tub. Second, to turn it on, you will need to unscrew the center cap and remove the unit. Third, insert your shower head into the unit and screw it in place. Fourth, fill the hot water tank with enough water to cover the shower head and turn on the faucet. Finally, relax under your steaming hot spray!

How to use the Thermasol Steam Shower

If you have a Thermasol steam shower, it is important to know how to turn it on. The thermostat is located on the front of the unit and will have a green light on it when it is turned on. It is also important to note that the thermostat can only be turned up so high, and cannot go any higher than 104 degrees. To start the shower, press and hold down the power button until the blue light turns on. Then release the button and wait three seconds for the shower to heat up before entering your desired temperature by turning the dial. If you need to stop the shower, simply press and hold down the power button again until the blue light turns off.

Tips for using the Thermasol Steam Shower

Thermasol Steam Shower Tips

1. Always unplug the shower before cleaning it.

2. Empty the water reservoir before cleaning it.

3. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the shower. Use a mild soap and warm water instead.

4. Clean the shower head with a soft cloth after each use.

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