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Average Cost To Install A Steam Shower: A Cost Comparison for 2023

If you’re looking to add a steam shower to your home, you may be wondering how much it will cost. The good news is that the average cost to install a steam shower is usually around $1,000. However, this price range can vary drastically depending on the model and features that you choose. In this blog post, we will provide you with a breakdown of the average cost to install a steam shower, as well as some tips on how to save on your purchase. From choosing the right model to finding discounts and deals, read on to learn everything you need to know about installing a steam shower.

What You’ll Need

To install a steam shower, you will need the following items:
-A wall mount for the showerhead
-An adjustable shower head
-A hose and connector
-A threshold or curb to protect your flooring
-Screws and anchors
-Tape measure

How Much It Will Cost

Steam showers are a popular choice for those who want to get a great shower without having to step out of their comfort zone. However, steam showers can be expensive to install. The average cost to install a steam shower is $1,000-$2,500.

Installation Tips

Steam showers are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. They provide a more invigorating shower experience than traditional showers, they’re eco-friendly, and they can save you time and energy by requiring less water usage. Additionally, steam showers often have higher quality components than standard showers, so it’s important to know how to install one correctly.

Here are four tips to help you install your own steam shower:

1) Plan Your Additions Carefully – Steam showers require special hardware like head sprays and valves that can be expensive to buy separately. Make sure to account for these costs when planning your installation.

2) Pay Attention To The Dimensions – Most steam showers come in either small or large sizes. Make sure to choose the right size for your bathroom before starting your project.

3) Get The Right Hardware – Like any other home improvement project, it’s important to get the right tools for the job. Steam showers require special heads and showerheads, so be sure to invest in these items accordingly.

4) Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions – Even with the best planning and preparation, some things just cannot be controlled when it comes to installing a steam shower. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure a hassle-free installation process.


In this article, we are going to explore the average cost for installing a steam shower. Before you start saving money on your next bathroom remodel, it is important to understand what factors impact the price tag. First and foremost, the type of steam shower will affect the cost. An open-air steam shower will typically run more expensive than a closed system because of the additional installation costs (such as piping). Additionally, other features – such as rainfall or jets – may also add to the price tag. Once you know what kind of steam shower you would like, our guide will help you figure out how much it will cost to install it.

Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen is an authority on high-end spa treatments and steam showers. Through her blog, she provides insight and guidance into home improvement, deluxe spas, and steam showers. She offers comprehensive instructions for those wishing to maximize their at-home spa experience. Samantha has devoted countless hours to researching and evaluating various steam shower models to determine the finest ones available. Moreover, she is a practiced DIYer who has created video tutorials on a variety of topics related to home renovation and luxurious spa activities.