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Ariel Steam Shower With Jetted Tub: Features and Benefits for 2023

Have you ever wished your shower could be as luxurious as a spa? Well, now you can have the best of both worlds with an Ariel steam shower. Not only does this shower offer amazing water pressure and heat, but it comes complete with a jetted tub for a true sensory experience. If you’re looking for an upgrade in your showering experience, look no further than an Ariel steam shower. Not only is it fun and sleek, but it also offers some of the best water pressure and heat out there. So what are you waiting for? Give one a try today!

What is an Ariel Steam Shower?

The Ariel Steam Shower with Jetted Tub is perfect for those who love the feeling of a steam bath, but would prefer to have it in their own home. The shower head features jets that shoot out steaming water at a high pressure, which means you can enjoy a relaxing soak without having to go to a spa. Additionally, the tub has been designed with a comfortable seat that allows you to soak your entire body (including your feet!) in the hot water. Whether you’re looking for an elegant way to relax after a hard day or just want to pamper yourself once in a while, the Ariel Steam Shower with Jetted Tub is sure to please.

The Specifications of an Ariel Steam Shower

Ariel Steam Shower Specifications:

-The Ariel Steam Shower has a water pressure of 54 PSI and a flow rate of 2.5 GPM.
-The showerhead has a 12 inch diameter and is made with durable brass construction.
-The tub features a jetted tub design that offers a large area for bathing.
-There is also a rain shower head that can be used to rinse off after exiting the tub.
-The Ariel Steam Shower comes with an instruction booklet that provides detailed instructions on how to use the shower.

How Does an Ariel Steam Shower Work?

An Ariel steam shower is a high-end, luxurious shower system that utilizes jets to produce an intense spray of water. The system works by using a water tank and pump located in the wall, which sends pressurized water through the jets at high speeds. This creates an incredibly hot spray that both cleans and massages your skin.

The showerhead itself is specially designed to create a powerful stream of water, while the jetted tub provides extragential massage and cleansing capabilities. It’s perfect for those who want something unique and exciting in their bathroom experience.

To use the Ariel steam shower, you first fill the water tank with your desired level of pressure. Then, turn on the pump and wait until it reaches full speed before entering the chamber. Once inside, simply relax as the hot spray hits you all over. The jetted tub allows you to soak in the warm water while enjoying the refreshing mist produced by the jets.

The Advantages of an Ariel Steam Shower

The Ariel steam shower is a luxurious way to enjoy a hot shower. Not only does it offer an amazing experience, but it also has some great advantages. Some of the benefits of using an Ariel steam shower include that it is extremely relaxing, and can help you get rid of any toxins from your body. It also has a jetted tub which provides extra comfort, and can help with circulation. Overall, the Ariel steam shower is a great choice for anyone looking for an enjoyable bath experience!

Installation of an Ariel Steam Shower

Installing an Ariel steam shower with jetted tub is a great way to enjoy a relaxing bath. This type of shower has many features that make it a great choice for both home and commercial use. The installation process is straightforward, and the overall cost is low.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to enjoy a hot shower and a jetted tub, then check out the Ariel Steam Shower. This product is made from natural materials and uses renewable energy to run, making it one of the most sustainable showers on the market. Plus, its sleek design will complement any bathroom style.

Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen is an authority on high-end spa treatments and steam showers. Through her blog, she provides insight and guidance into home improvement, deluxe spas, and steam showers. She offers comprehensive instructions for those wishing to maximize their at-home spa experience. Samantha has devoted countless hours to researching and evaluating various steam shower models to determine the finest ones available. Moreover, she is a practiced DIYer who has created video tutorials on a variety of topics related to home renovation and luxurious spa activities.