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Ariel Steam Shower Installation Manual: A Guide for 2023

Everyone loves a good steam shower – they’re luxurious, relaxing, and invigorating all at the same time. But before you can enjoy one of these heavenly devices, you need to install it properly. With that in mind, we’ve created this manual for installing an Ariel steam shower. From selecting the right unit to getting it installed, this guide has it all. So read on and enjoy the benefits of a steaming shower – tailored specifically for you!

What is an Ariel Steam Shower?

Ariel steam showers offer a luxurious and invigorating experience that is hard to find elsewhere. They use very high pressure water combined with traditional shower heads to create a powerful stream of hot water. This can be great for those who are looking for a quick but invigorating bath, or for people who want to relax and enjoy the massage-like effects of the steam.

There are several things you should keep in mind when installing an Ariel steam shower. First, be sure to have adequate drainage in place. The high pressure water can cause flooding if it accumulates on the floor or walls. Second, make sure that your surroundings are sturdy enough to handle the intense heat and water flow from the shower head. Third, be sure to read your warranty carefully before purchasing an Ariel steam shower; many manufacturers offer extended warranties covering defects in materials and workmanship.

How Does an Ariel Steam Shower Work?

The Ariel Steam Shower is a high-quality shower that uses steam to produce water vapor. This vapor then transforms into droplets, which fall down onto the user’s body via the shower head. This process creates hot water that can be used for bathing.

To use the Ariel Steam Shower, first prepare the area by cleaning it and removing any objects that could obstruct the flow of water. Next, install the required plumbing fixtures and attach the shower head to the fixture. Finally, fill the tank with water and turn on the shower.

Installation Guidelines for an Ariel Steam Shower

To install an Ariel steam shower, follow these installation guidelines.

1. Check the water pressure and temperature before starting the installation.

The water pressure must be at least 120 psi and the temperature should be between 104 degrees and 113 degrees Fahrenheit. If the pressure or temperature is not correct, have a professional installer install the shower.

2. Make sure all of the necessary tools are available before beginning the installation.

A wrench to turn screws, a drill with proper bits, a sawtooth bit for cutting plastic lath, crescent-shaped pliers for removing clips, and a level are all necessary for this installation. If any of these tools are missing, have a professional installer install the shower.

3. Start by laying down a layer of plastic sheeting on the floor of your shower area. This will protect your floor from scratches during installation. Cut the plastic sheeting to fit around your shower unit and lay it out so that it is completely covered by the unit’s baseplate (the metal frame that sits above the floor). Center and secure the unit’s baseplate to your prepped wall/floor surface using four screws per corner: one per screwdriver head (counter-clockwise). Be careful not to overtighten these screws; they may strip if done too quickly or over-torqued. Next, place another layer of plastic on top of the baseplate and screw it into place using four more screws

Maintenance Tips for an Ariel Steam Shower

Steam showers are a great way to get your daily dose of relaxation and invigoration. However, like any machinery, they can require occasional maintenance to keep them running at their best. Here are some tips for keeping your steam shower in tip-top shape:

1. Clean the shower head regularly. A build-up of dirt, oil, and soap can cause the head to clog and stop producing steam. Rinse off the head with warm water and a mild soap solution every couple of weeks.

2. Check the water temperature. The water should be hot but not too hot, as this can irritate the skin. If it’s too hot, turn down the showerhead or add ice to lower the water temperature.

3. Check for leaks and fix them promptly. Leaks can ruin furniture and contaminate the environment with harmful chemicals and bacteria. Fix any leaks immediately using a sealant or patching material, then dry thoroughly before storing or using the steam shower again.

4. Maintain flues and chimneys evenly for optimal heat distribution. Make sure there is no buildup of soot or debris on the flues and chimneys; this could block heat from reaching the water droplets in the boiler room below and result in poor performance or even breakdown of components internally

Troubleshooting Tips for an Ariel Steam Shower

When installing an Ariel steam shower, it is important to read and follow the installation manual carefully. There are a few common troubleshooting issues that should be addressed before and after the shower is installed.

1. Checking for leaks: One of the most common problems with new showers is leakage around the base. To check for leaks, first unplug the power to the unit and wait 30 minutes. If there is no water leaking from around the base, then you may have a faulty seal between pan and tub or between pan and wall. To fix a leaky seal, you will need to replace either the pan or tub assembly, or rub some silicone caulk between these two pieces.

2. Faucet placement: Once you have located and corrected any leaks, it is time to install the faucet. Make sure that all holes in walls and floor are properly lined up with corresponding holes on faucet before inserting screws. Be sure to tighten screws evenly so that fixture does not wobble during use.

3. Connecting water lines: Next, connect both hot and cold water lines to faucet using special adapters (or simply use existing connectors if they are of similar configuration). Be sure to tighten hose clamps evenly to avoid dripping during use.

4. Testing shower function: Once all water lines are connected, turn on water supply at main valve (usually located near sink) and test shower function by pressingurizing lever on side of unit


Thank you for choosing the Ariel steam shower. This manual will guide you through the installation process, from unboxing and setting up the shower to turning it on and enjoying your luxurious experience. We hope you enjoy using your new shower!

Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen

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