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Are Steam Showers Good For A Cold? The Benefits and Risks for 2023

The winter months can be tough on our bodies. The cold air outside and the dry air inside can lead to a number of respiratory problems, including the common cold. So, what can we do to ease our symptoms and get relief? One popular method is steam therapy, which is often used in saunas and steam rooms. But what about steam showers? Are they effective in treating a cold? Let’s take a look at the science behind steam therapy and see if it can help us get over our colds faster.

What is a steam shower?

A steam shower is a type of shower in which steam is generated and circulated within the confines of the shower stall. The steam raises the temperature of the air within the shower, providing a warm, moist environment that is beneficial for many purposes, including relieving congestion from a cold.

How do steam showers work?

When you are feeling under the weather, the last thing you want to do is take a shower. However, steam showers can actually be good for you when you have a cold. The steam helps to open up your nasal passages and loosen phlegm so that you can breathe easier. It also helps to relieve muscle aches and pains.

The best way to use a steam shower when you have a cold is to start with a warm shower to help loosen up your muscles. Then, turn the temperature down and let the steam work its magic. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids before and after your shower to stay hydrated.

Are steam showers good for a cold?

When it comes to colds, there’s no shortage of old wives’ tales and home remedies. But what does the science say? Is there any truth to the claim that steam showers can help alleviate symptoms of a cold?

Let’s take a closer look.

The Mayo Clinic advises against using steam showers or saunas if you have a fever, as this can increase your body temperature and make you feel worse. However, they do note that steam inhalation (from a bowl of hot water, not a shower) can help loosen mucus and relieve congestion.

So, while steam showers may not be the cure-all that some people claim, they can certainly help with some cold symptoms. Just be sure to keep your temperature in check, and consult with your doctor if your cold is severe.

How to take a steam shower

Steam showers are a great way to help relieve cold symptoms. The steam helps to loosen congestion and clear sinuses. It is also soothing for aching muscles. Taking a steam shower is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Here’s how to take a steam shower:
-Start by taking a regular shower to wet your skin and open up your pores.
-Turn on the steam shower and let it warm up for a minute or two before getting in.
-Sit or stand in the steam for 5-10 minutes, taking deep breaths.
– Rinse off with cool water to close your pores back up.


There is no doubt that steam showers can be incredibly helpful when it comes to fighting off a cold. The benefits of steam therapy are well-documented, and there is no denying that a good steam session can help to clear your sinuses, relieve congestion, and ease muscle aches and pains. However, it is important to remember that steam showers are not a cure-all for the common cold. If you are feeling really sick, it is always best to consult with your doctor before using a steam shower.

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