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Welcome to the Steam Shower Wiki.

If your intent is to purchase a new Steam Shower consult the Online Store for Sales and Support information.

Getting started

  • Use the Search Box to search for the model you are interested in learning more about.

How this Wiki will help you

After many years of research we have highlighted a need to explain certain Steam Shower models. Numerous people have been confused by all the various Steam Showers on the market, allot of these units are the same units manufactured by the same factories in China. The confusion arises due to the re-branding of these models by various importers. This Wiki will attempt to clear up this confusion by documenting the various model numbers and manufacturers and how they are related. All Steam Showers in this Wiki are manufactured in China. Regardless of what certain retailer claim on their websites, no American company manufactures a Steam Shower. As a side note, some retailers certainly do have a say in the features included in their purchased models, the fact remains that this does not constituent manufacture.